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Oral Sedation
The Benefits of Oral Sedation for Your Endodontic Treatment

Oral sedation can help ease the anxiety for your endodontic procedures. Read more to learn about what oral secation can do for you.
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Root Canal
Why Root Canal Therapy Is the Ideal Solution For a Severely Troubled Tooth

There’s power in education - and our Richmond Hill endodontist is here to inform you about why root canal therapy is the premiere option of tooth restoration for saving teeth that would otherwise require a pulling.
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Emergency Chipped Tooth
When Should I be Concerned About a Chipped or Cracked Tooth?

If you were to spontaneously notice a crack or chip in your tooth, you may feel instantly worried and begin to pray that your tooth isn’t beyond the point of repair.
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CT Scan
The Benefits of Cone Beam CT Imaging for Endodontic Patients

The CBCT is essentially a cone-shaped X-ray that is capable of creating detailed images of the jaw, dentition, sinuses, nasal cavity, facial bone and hard tissues - which offers many advantages for oral care practitioners and patients alike.
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