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Why Root Canal Therapy Is the Ideal Solution For a Severely Troubled Tooth

Root canal therapy, ideal solution

Artificial tooth replacement will never be superior to your natural tooth.

No one ever wants to hear that their tooth requires a root canal procedure. But there is a bright side - in many cases, teeth that have been severely infected or damaged have lost all hope for restoration at all, and must resort to extraction altogether.

So, after being told you need a RCT, it’s normal to feel hesitant or experience some anxiety, especially if you’ve never had this kind of procedure before or don’t know much about it.

But the good news is, there’s power in education - and our Richmond Hill endodontist is here to inform you about why root canal therapy is the premiere option of tooth restoration for saving teeth that would otherwise require a pulling.

While dental implants are incredible restorative solutions, nothing beats the real thing.

If you’re considering skipping on the RCT to have your tooth extracted and replaced later on, we definitely advise giving that some more thought. While dental implants serve as truly fantastic substitutes for natural teeth that are lost, the fact remains that no artificial dental restoration will ever be superior to the real thing.

Additionally, more problems can occur while a person is living with no tooth present in its socket. Teeth surrounding the gap could begin to shift into this space, resulting in an unattractive appearance along with bite issues. Bone loss is another major issue that will occur over time, as the tooth root that used to provide stimulation to the respective area of jaw is no longer there, leading to bone deterioration and ultimately, a shrunken facial structure and generally aged appearance.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to have the option to “save” vs. extract and restore your damaged natural tooth via a dental implant procedure, then choosing the endodontic “root” is certainly the way to go.

Pulling it out, or putting it off - is never worth it if you have the option for a RCT!

When a tooth is severely infected or damaged, waiting out the pain won’t lead to eventual relief. The tooth is still ultimately going to require extraction with a root canal procedure, as it will progressively pose a threat to your oral health.

That being said, if our Richmond Hill endodontist suggests scheduling your root canal treatment for within a certain timeframe, it will be in your best interest to do so

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If you’ve been suffering from a persistent tooth issue, our Dr. Farzad Danesh encourages you to come in for a meeting. The sooner your oral problem is addressed, the more successful the prognosis for saving your natural tooth.

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