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What to Expect

During your first appointment with us at Elgin Mills Endodontic Specialists, Dr. Farzad Danesh, our expert endodontist will review your medical and dental history, your symptoms, how and when your symptoms began, as well as other necessary information about your troubled tooth.

Next, Dr. Danesh will perform a thorough examination of the tooth and surrounding area. Radiographs will be taken and evaluated, and, if required, a dental CT scan will be ordered for more detailed visualization. To conclude your visit, he will discuss with you all findings along with diagnosis and appropriate treatment options, along with their benefits and potential risks.

At Elgin Mills Endodontic Specialists, we respect our patients’ needs and unique preferences.

Following your diagnosis and treatment suggestions, you will have the opportunity to contribute to your treatment plan based on the information provided. Our Dr. Danesh is all ears - we want to ensure you are fully comfortable with your treatment choice.

Dr. Danesh will also want to ensure that you are fully educated on your procedure and the steps involved, and will be happy to provide demonstrations via educational videos and booklets. Additionally, you will be informed of the estimated fees and length of your treatment.

Dr. Farzad Danesh is here to provide compassionate and expert endodontic care

If ever you begin to experience any symptoms such as persistent tooth pain, pain with chewing, unusual or severe sensitivity, and/or pus/ an abscess or swelling and suspect you are in need of endodontic care - please reach out to our team to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


Dr. Farzad Danesh, Richmond Hill Endodontist