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In rare cases, a tooth that has received endodontic treatment in the past will become re-infected at some point.

While this is an unfortunate and painful event, the good news is, a root canal re-treatment procedure can save the troubled tooth and provide a second chance at survival and success in the long-term.

How root canal re-treatments are performed

During a general root canal re-treatment procedure, the endodontist will reopen the affected tooth once more in order to access and clean out the root canal filling material. The removal of these materials will allow for access to the nerve canals, which is necessary for this procedure.

After the canals are thoroughly cleaned out, Dr. Danesh will then assess the tooth for any atypical canal structures, cracks and infection.

In the final stages of the procedure, the root canals are sealed. In situations where the canals are too narrow or unusual, continued treatment with apical surgery may be required. To officially conclude the re-treatment, Dr. Danesh will place a permanent filling or new crown which will provide protection and support.



If you believe you may be dealing with a failed previous RCT and are in need of a re-treatment, contact our friendly team at Elgin Mills Endodontic Specialists today.